Sentence-splitting: again.

Last week, after pushing the DP-structure and sentence-splitting changes, we reran the parser over the whole corpus. We discovered that about 10% of our links which were formerly marked as constituents are now no longer marked as such. I went through about 25 of them, and there weren’t really any originally false positives. Many of the errors were due to errors with the parser (about 4%, leaving 6% real issues). The others were mainly attributable to the sentence splitter being stupid, along with some issues with the parser.

As a result, I’ve replaced the sentence-splitter with Sebastian Nagel‘s tokenizer, which also does sentence-splitting. It seems to work better – more of our test cases pass, which is a good thing. I’m trying to find some more computing resources so we can test different combinations of the improvements, because we aren’t sure how they interrelate.

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