I just pushed to the repository. There is very good immediately-dominating node identification code in functions.php that hasn’t yet been utilized in the main judgement loop.

The “link” problem of finding the right subtree of all possible subtrees is handled fairly well, at least for links that have more than one or two nodes in the subtree. If they have less, then it’s up in the air, which subtree the code actually picked out. But for smaller links of one or two nodes, it is very possible that it doesn’t matter which subtree we pick up ’cause the structure will still be the same. The word “for” will pretty much always be “(IN for)” no matter what subtree it’s in; it’s not a problem if we mismatch a subtree consisting of just one (or even two) words.

I tested the node id-ing code on the first 30 non-error rows of the links table and so far, everything checks out. If the logic is correct (and I just hand-traced this myself), it should even correctly identify the node in the two-pronged case:

        (A Ø)
        <<<LINK(B Ø)
        (C Ø)
        (D Ø)

In fact, I’m very confident that it should be able to pick out the X node.

Here is a link to an output file of my test run showing correct node labels for each of the parsed links.

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